Practical Considerations for Wholesale Customers

Why sell fireworks?

Retailing fireworks is an exciting standalone seasonal business, but also is a great bolt on to an existing business to provide an additional and profitable line of income and an additional customer base.

It is very important to understand your target market and what they will want in terms of product range. Here our 40 years’ of experience in supplying wholesale clients across the UK allows us to give you practical guidance, not in just what project range to stock, but also on how to promote it effectively.

Our aim is to assist you in building a repeat and highly satisfied customer base who return to you because of the range, the quality and the outstanding value of your products.

Selling fireworks in the UK – Overview

 Due to the potential safety risks with the product, strict guidelines are set out by the Trading Standards Authority. These are common sense and are welcomed by the fireworks community


Setting up your business


  1. Location

Fireworks can not be sold on a market stall, a car boot sale or any form of temporary pitch. They must be sold from a physical shop, whether this is a retail unit or a container in a yard.

Choice of location is so important:

  • How much passing trade is there?
  • Is the site visible/easy to find?
  • Is there car parking?
  • Are there flats above the shop?
  • Is there appropriate storage?

And many other considerations which we can discuss with you.

Once you have established your location, the next stage is to apply to the Trading Standards Department of your Local Authority for a licence to store and sell fireworks.

  1. Applying to the Local Authority

The application form is fairly straightforward but you must also include a plan of the location, which will include details of the proposed storage, how the storage is fireproofed, fire exits and so forth. A risk assessment must also be undertaken. We are able to assist you with the application process. You should allow two weeks from submission to receiving approval from the Local Authority. It is usual for a site visit to be conducted for new applications.

The exception to this are the metropolitan counties, e.g. West Midlands, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Tyne and Wear and South and West Yorkshire, where the fire service is responsible for providing the licence and for enforcing the regulations on storage.

Your licence will allow you to sell and store fireworks of up to 250kg net explosive content (the exploding powder content of the fireworks).

With this restriction, you must give careful thought to your supply logistics or additional offsite storage.

  1. Type of Licence

There are two types of licence:

  1. All year licence, which as the name implies allows you to sell fireworks all year round. This will cost £500
  2. Seasonal licence which will cost approximately £120 and will allow you to sell at the following times:
  • 15th October to 10th November inclusive
  • 26th December to 31st December inclusive
  • The first day of the Chinese New Year and the three days immediately preceding it
  • The day of Diwali and the three days immediately preceding it

Your licence will allow you to store fireworks on the above dates, or if an annual licence for the period of a year.

We will need to see a copy of your licence before we can supply you with fireworks.

We can help you through every stage of the licencing process.

  1. Are there any restrictions on the fireworks I can stock?

The Pyrotechnic Articles (Safety) Regulations 2010, require that from 4th July 2017 all fireworks sold in the UK must carry a CE mark. The CE mark is a quality and safety mark to provide appropriate quality and safety assurances for you and your customers. Our in-house legal team can provide you with more information.

You must not sell any firework unless it carried a CE Mark.

All fireworks supplied by Brightsky Firework have undergone a rigorous testing process approved by HSE and comply with all relevant standards.

  1. How do I promote my business?

Attracting customers to your business is vital to your success. This will be achieved through the visibility of location with clear effective signs on site, road signs directing customers to your shop, leaflets, local advertising and your website and associated social media campaign. All of this must be started in good time in order to be effective.

Our highly experienced sales team can help you put together a winning marketing campaign to ensure your success.

  1. Point of Sale

We can also supply you with an attractive range of posters and dummy fireworks for your shop. Please discuss your specific requirements with a member of our sales team.

  1. Brightsky Fireworks Catalogue

This is available both online on our website and in hard copy format and details of our range of fireworks designed to appeal to a wide variety of customers and occasions.

  1. Discounts

Our firework catalogue provides a guide for the RRP on each item. Discounts are available and are linked to the quantity of fireworks that you purchase. Our sales team will be very pleased to discuss this in detail with you.

  1. Delivery

Bulk orders can be delivered throughout the UK. Delivery costs will be discussed with you. Orders over £1500 are delivered free of charge.


Please call us on 01473 209294 to discuss your needs, we will be delighted to talk to you.



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