15 Mar

The Pyrotechnic Articles (Safety) Regulations 2010 came into force on 4th July 2010,these regulations require that from 4th July 2017 all fireworks must carry a CE mark. There is a transitional period leading up to this date whereby a firework that conforms to BS7114 and made available prior to 3rd July 2010 can still be sold prior to 4th July 2017.

How does this affect retailers and wholesalers?

All fireworks that you have in stock as at 4th July 2017 will have to be CE marked, it will be illegal for you to sell any that do not carry the CE mark after this date. Any stock that you have will have to be destroyed, at your cost.

Ask yourself, as a retailer or wholesaler, how often have you bought fireworks, maybe special offers or with extra discount, where you still have some stock left after two or three years?

Within the industry it is common for suppliers to have a range of cheaper or higher discount products which you have to buy in larger than normal quantities. In order for you to be able to sell these in 2017 and beyond you must ensure that they are CE marked now.

New Products

The guidance states, “For the purposes of the transitional provisions a product is not considered to be new if it is a product that was placed on the market before the relevant date, including if that was under a different name or with a different part number to the ones under which it is subsequently placed on the market. However, any significant changes to design or construction, or any change of manufacturer will mean that the product should be considered to be a new product.”

This means that any firework carrying the BS7114 mark that is redesigned prior to 2017 must then have the CE mark, so as a retailer you should look out for items in suppliers brochures that claim to be “New Design”, “Better Effects” or “Better Performance”, as they might fall into the new product category and require CE marking, if in doubt ask your supplier.

All Brightsky Fireworks products are new to the market and none were available prior to 2010.

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